As for the Hiace, in theft damage worst 1 in Japan

a number of the theft damage becomes the worst one in all Japanese car models for the past five years. I introduce the reason here why a Hiace is stolen intensively to there. I may see parts of the world economy just to know the reason of a Hiace being stolen.
The car of Toyota Motor Corporation is basically all extreme popularity in a developing country, but the Hiace is the prime example in that. It can carry baggage in large quantities, and this is because it can pick up a lot of human beings. The Hiace is employed as a truck in the developing country and may use it as a substitute for bus which I packed with a person jam-packed.
A lot of people wanting it are popular at a high price in the developing country that it is so convenient and it is not broken even if it is a little old Hiace. Therefore there are many people who think to steal a Hiace in Japan, and to sell in a developing country.
It is necessary for after all the Hiace becoming an owner to think about prevention of theft than anyone else better. Because it is good to prevent you from stealing it for oneself and is connected in reducing a crime generally even if I take it in the world, there can be a plus for the person except oneself.